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Chances are that you’ve seen iron fencing while you’ve been out and about, but have never considered having it yourself. Iron fencing isn’t only for public and commercial premises – it can be for your home and personal property too!


Why Go with an Iron Fence?

Of course, iron fencing is beautiful. But what else can it offer you? Well, just a few of the benefits of iron fencing include:


The main appeal of iron fencing tends to be how it looks. The ductile nature of iron allows you to make your fences a decorative feature as well as a boundary marker.

Strong & Long Wearing

While standard wooden fencing can fall prey to the elements, such as particularly strong winds, iron fencing rarely shifts. It is also resistant to shock, denting, and bending.

Illusion of More Open Space

Light can pass through the gaps in the fencing and people can see through the fencing – providing you with the opportunity to show off your property. But at the same time, posts can be placed close enough to one another that children, pets, and trespassers cannot pass through.

Safety & Security

Particularly tall iron fencing is effective at keeping intruders out. It’s extremely difficult to scale a thin, iron bar.

Low Repair Cost

If part of your fence does manage to become damaged, you can often have it repaired or replaced without having to repair or replace the entirety of the fence – This is much more cost-effective.


As iron fencing is almost always in high demand, it can generally be easily sold if you decide you want a different aesthetic. When iron fencing comes to the end of its life, it can be melted down, recycled, and turned into something else.

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Modern Day Iron Fencing

So, why might you want to opt for iron fencing now? Well, due to its popularity in Victorian times and its association with grand, old buildings, Iron Fencing is often chosen nowadays to create a traditional aesthetic. Iron fences and railings fit perfectly around front yards and between brick piers. If you’re looking for something decorative and elaborate, this is the perfect type of fencing for you.


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